In areas constantly exposed to moisture such as kitchens, bathrooms and outdoors, is important to have a surface that provides security and protection. A simple Rubber mat can provide protection to all persons moving in that area from accidents involving slips and falls, while maintaining the integrity of your floors.


recycled matsOutside, Rubber mats prevents mud, water and dirt from entering your home, especially if the carpet has a textured surface. By their material, is capable of withstanding virtually any climate in inclement it may be. Similarly, as long as it retains moisture, prevents slipping.


In the kitchen, rubber mats not only protects from accidents and falls, but also provides a comfortable surface to work standing for long periods of time and protects the floor from materials such as animal fats and other liquids that may be spilled. Likewise, provides a surface capable of absorbing shock, reducing noise and preventing breakage, falling objects in it.


Easy to clean and versatile, Rubber mats are essential for any home, office, restaurant or building. There is one for every need.

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